about georg kaindl

Georg Kaindl

Born twenty-something years ago. Given the name Georg Kaindl. Since then grown by about 140cm. Nowadays mostly fiddling with computers. Naturally acquired BSc degree in computer science for the lulz. Fulfilled nerd destiny, thus now an MSc. Currently gleefully eyeing a PhD. Sells smarts for money. Good at abstract stuff like maths. Natural habitat situated in Vienna, Austria, Europe. Saw a solar eclipse.

Can be contacted by electronic means.

Likes beautiful things, but can also write vectorized assembly code. Shamelessly made a tag cloud of himself for you to mouse over →

ambitious AMS Vienna App Update I listen Apple Arduino Ethernet arbi.trario.us Bachelor Sc. (with honors) Banjo Blues I work C/C++ Carbon Cocoa Codelaide Software Computer Science Computer Vision Consultant creative CSS del.icio.us Designing Dropular I learn Film Games Garlic Graphics Guitar Guqin Ice Cream I made Indie Interaction Designer Interfaces I like introvert iPad iPhone J-Horror Java Javascript Jazz Kindle lazy Lighthouse Linux Mac MacBook Air MacBook Pro Master Sc. (with honors) Mathematics Matura (with honors) Microsoft Milk Music Nerd nouveau I am Objective-C I dislike OCaml OpenBSD OS X perfectionist Perl PHP picstream I play Poetry Powermac G5 I program Prolog PS3 Quick ORF Rails Reading RepRap Rock'n'Roll Ruby Sharks Shell Scripts Software Engineer Spiders SQL Stock Market Sushi Touché Touchsmart TUIO Twitter Vienna UT I use Video Games VienNav VoodooPhone Websites I'm on Widget Update Wii Windows Writing XBox 360 XHTML