App Update

App Update

Aug 29, 2009
Version 1.6.3
MacOS 10.4 and later

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Notice: is no more, so using it as a source won't work. I'll eventually try to support the new CNET site, but it will take some time, since I'm currently on the road. In the meantime, please use MacUpdate instead. Thanks!

App Update is a free Dashboard Widget that can automatically check for updates to your installed software. It supports Apple's software directory, MacUpdate and Version Tracker. It will present you with a tidy link list of all the updates found, enabling you to read release-notes and download the the updates quickly and painlessly.

If you find App Update useful, you may also want to check out its sister-widget, Widget Update.


You can specify the directories in which you keep your applications on App Update's back. To flip it over, just click the little "i" button that appears when you move your mouse pointer over the Widget.

You can also specify recursive directory choices, meaning that App Update will not only look into the specified folder, but also into all its sub-folders (which is very convenient if you group your applications this way).



App Update comes with an extensive online-help functionality built right into it that you can view either right inside the widget or in your browser. While you are able to get App Update running quickly, you may want to have a quick glance at the help file to learn about the wealth of features it supports!

You can access the help at any time by pressing Shift+H or by flipping the widget over and clicking the "?" button.

Release Notes

Release notes are available here.



If you are a developer and want to make sure that App Update works correctly with your application, please make sure that the following points are satisfied (there's nothing that's extra-ordinary, it's just good practice anyways).

That's it! App Update should work fine with your application now!