Nov 1, 2008
Version 1.0b3
MacOS 10.5.3 and later

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Touché is a free, open-source tracking environment for optical multitouch tables. It has been written for MacOS X Leopard and uses many of its core technologies, such as QuickTime, Core Animation, Core Image and the Accelerate framework, but also high-quality open-source libraries such as libdc1394 and OpenCV, in order to achieve good tracking performance.

The Touché environment consists of two parts: A standalone tracking application written in Cocoa, that comes with lots of configuration options as well as calibration and test tools, and a Cocoa framework that can be embedded into custom applications in order to receive tracking data from the tracking application. This way, you can easily experiment with MacOS X technologies such as Core Animation or Quartz Composer on your multitouch table.

Covered by the LGPLv3, an SVN repository with the tracker application and framework as well as some demo apps is publicly accessible at Google Code. Please visit this page for additional information on Touché, since the page you are currently reading is more or less just a quick overview.


Touché requires MacOS 10.5.3 or later, an optical (FTIR, Lasers, DI) multitouch table (obviously) and either a QuickTime-compatible camera, a libdc1394-compatible FireWire camera or a Wii Remote (experimental).

Optical multitouch tables are rather easy to build, and there are lots of good resources on this topic available on the Internet. Simply google "DIY multitouch" or browse or the NUIgroup website.


Setting up Touché is pretty straight-forward. There is a setup assistant that will be automatically started when you launch Touché for the first time. Additionally, a help book is available by selecting "Touché Help" from the "Help" menu. Also, have a look at the introduction video for a quick overview of the tracking pipeline.



For documentation, please refer to Touché's Google Code page as well as the built-in help book.

Release Notes

Release notes for official releases are available here.

Demo Videos

Initially, I've put up a page with two videos, a 10min introduction to and screen cast of Touché, as well as a 2min demos-only video. They are on the video page.

New videos are added whenever there are new features to describe.



There are loads of tutorials available on how to build your own multitouch table. I recommend to check out the NUI group website and forums for more information.

I have also written a blog post about how I built the laser-based multitouch table that I'm using to develop Touché on.


I've written Touché as a test-bed for multitouch experimentation as part of my master's thesis at the Vienna University of Technology, at the Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology, under the guidance of Peter Purgathofer.

The project has been created because I couldn't really find an optical multitouch framework for the Mac that's easy to use, easy to configure, flexible and easy to program with. I hope that Touché can fill this gap!