Apr 3, 2008
Version 1.0
iPhone/iPod Touch

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VienNav is an iPhone/iPod Touch application to plan trips with public transportation in Vienna, Austria. It is a polished frontend for the route planner at and offers both a search interface and result presentation optimized for the iPhone's screen. After specifying a start address and a destination address, VienNav will display a list of possible routes with detailed information about which trams, buses or subways to take, where to change, how long each step will take, etc... Additionally, a PDF file can be opened that shows the trip description with a map overlay. The application is available in multiple languages.

If you find VienNav useful, you can bookmark it on your iPhone or iPod Touch in order to be able to access it quickly.



VienNav includes a very simple "localization" engine in order to provide the service in multiple languages. Ideally, I'd like to have VienNav available in (next to German and English) all the languages of Austria's neighboring countries as well, so that tourists, people visiting for shopping, etc... can use it, too!

Unfortunately, I cannot provide these translations myself, but if you speak a language that you would like to see supported by VienNav, please contact me, so that I can send you the necessary strings to translate. Your help would be much appreciated!


Put together by me. The route data is pulled from the official route planner at

Additionally, the following excellent libraries are used:


VienNav is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by the Wiener Linien. Use it at your own risk.