Jun 08, 2008
Version 1.1
MacOS 10.4+, iPhone/iPod Touch

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VoodooPhone is a free web export plugin for the excellent VoodooPad that enables you to read VoodooPad documents on your iPhone or iPod Touch. To do so, the plugin generates a bookmarklet that contains your VoodooPad document as a data URL, so that you can conveniently open it in Safari from the iPhone's bookmarks menu.

Please note that very large VoodooPad documents or documents containing lots of embedded files (such as images) might not display correctly on the iPhone or cause its browser to crash.




VoodooPhone was put together by me. VoodooPad is a FlyingMeat product. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but just an avid user. Some features of VoodooPhone are based on code from the iUi CSS/Javascript library.